Bristol Public Schools will provide student transportation, under provisions of the state law and regulation, under contract, for all students who qualify for such service. During late August, September and October we receive approximately 80 calls a day. We ask for your cooperation and patience during this busy time of year. It is most helpful when you leave a message to provide your child's name, the school, contact number and your concern. Please allow at least two days for a return call during this period of time. You may also email your question and or concern to the Director of Transportation Services, at [email protected]

Each year towards the end of September, we modify existing routes to better optimize that route for stop volume, timing efficiencies and distances traveled, along with safety for riders/walkers.  We do not consider changes to existing stops until all eligible students are provided with transportation.

We do not provide a public listing of Special Education Routes, or Preschool Routes. Please contact First Student Transportation, your independent transportation provider, or your child's school for additional information.

Walking Distances: Below are the maximum walking distances expected for students at each level. In general, students will be eligible for student transportation if one or more of the following criteria is met:

  1. Elementary Schools students (K-5) walk up to one mile
  2. K thru 8 Schools students (K-8) walk up to one mile
  3. Middle School students walk up to one and one-half miles
  4. High School students walk up to two miles
  5. Special Education and medically fragile students who qualify for bus transportation as determined by the PPT or 504 Committee

The walking distance means the linear measure between the pupil's residence and his/her school from a point at the curb or edge of a public road or highway nearest the pupil's residence to the nearest allowable paved access of the school.

We utilize the expertise of the Bristol Police Department Traffic Division to identify areas that are safe for student passage as walkers.

School Listing/Bus Routes via Versatrans E-Link: click here

*** Please use the following username and password to log into E-Link:

Username: parent

Password: parent

First Student Bus Company 860-584-2225

Bus Stops: Bus stops are established to serve neighborhoods or clusters of students within a geographical area and in accordance with safety guidelines.  Rarely are individual house stops created as they are inefficient and lengthen the time the bus is on the road for the students and for the vehicles. Students are expected to walk to their assigned bus stop.

Sidewalks in Bristol: The lack of sidewalks on a street within the walking distance to a school area does not automatically qualify a student for school bus transportation. Several streets within Bristol do not have sidewalks and this is not considered an automatic provision of school bus transportation.


The Board Policy does provide Day Care Transportation in certain circumstances.

  1. Students must be residents of Bristol.
  2. Day care location (authorized)  must be within the student's school boundary and at least one mile away, and must be within the City of Bristol.
  3. A Parent/Guardian must fill out a Day Care Transportation form in advance
  4. Day care transportation must be the same every day of the week.
  5. Drivers will transport only the designated pupils on their route in exactly the sequence as outlined by the Transportation Office.
  Please click here for the Daycare Authorization Form

CUL-DE-SACS: For safety reasons the Bristol school buses do not enter into cul-de-sacs unless the child has a physical impairment that would prohibit the child from walking to the entrance corner. Bristol has various sizes of cul-de-sacs that may or may not accommodate the wide turning radius of a school bus. Problems arise with snow clearing and snow builds up during winter. For safety reasons school bus backing must be avoided. Traveling in and out of cul-de-sacs is also another time consuming and costly process



[email protected]

Bus Behavior Policy: School bus transportation is extended to students on the condition that they behave appropriately.  All buses are an extension of the school day and students are subject to the behavior standards of their school while waiting and during transportation. Students violating  Bus Behavior Polices may in some cases have their bus privileges suspended. Should this privilege be suspended the Bristol Board of Education is no longer obligated to transport the child to and from school: it becomes the  sole responsibility of the parent/guardian.

All of our buses have video devices. School administration will verify claims of behavior problems by viewing these videos. Due to confidentiality rules,  parents may not view videos that have other students who are visible.

The regulations for the conduct of students riding on school buses include the following:

  1. Get to the bus stop at least 10 minutes before the bus is due.
  2. Sit in the seat to which you are assigned.
  3. Do not cause any disturbance, litter or damage to any bus stop location or immediate area around the bus stop.
  4. Students must not stand on the traveled portion of the highway while awaiting the bus.
  5. Get on and off the bus in an orderly manner.
  6. No student may ride on a bus other than the one he/she is assigned without permission.
  7. Students shall at all times be courteous to the bus driver and follow his/her instructions.
  8. Stay seated while the bus is moving.
  9. No pushing, shoving or fighting on the bus or at your bus stop.
  10. Keep the noise level down so the driver can safely operate the bus in traffic.
  11. Keep your head, hands and arms and everything else inside the bus.
  12. Keep the aisle clear and do not litter, write on or damage the bus in any way.
  13. Keep all harmful objects off the bus.
  14. Follow the driver's instructions.
  15. Students should report dangerous bus behavior to their principal.
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