Special Education & Related Services

The Bristol Public Schools are committed to providing an appropriate public school education for students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. State and federal special education laws and regulations govern referral, evaluation and placement procedures for students who are identified with special education needs. The Bristol Public Schools strive to provide a continuum of specialized instruction and related services for identified students ages three to 21.

Specially designed instruction and related services necessary to support the student’s educational program are determined by the Planning and Placement Team (PPT) and specified in the student's Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Related services include: Psychological, Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Health, Hearing Impaired, Autism Consultation, Behavioral Consultation, Assistive Technology Consultation, Services for the Visually Impaired, Vocational/Transition and/or Transportation. Services may be delivered in the general education classroom or in the related services room.

Special education and general education staff work together to provide learning environments that support students in receiving specialized instruction, provide accommodations and modifications appropriate to the learner's needs and meet
the district's expectations. To the greatest extent possible, students participate in the general
education curriculum with supports, services, and instruction designed to allow students to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities in a variety of ways.