Early Computer Skills


(The activities below are arranged by skill level)

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Moving the Mouse

Moving the Mouse

Moving the Mouse


Drag, drop, use menus

Find letters on the keyboard

Teacher Tips:

  • Put a sticker on the top left hand side of the mouse to help students remember which side to click on
  • When students are struggling with where/how to click, have the student put their hand on top of yours instead of the other way around. This eliminates the "power struggle" and allows the student to feel the proper movement of the mouse.
  • When reminding students about how to open an item, tell them to "click-click!" and clap twice quickly as you say "click-click!" This helps reinforce the speed they must use when double-clicking.
  • Websites change often. Always preview games and sites prior to using them with your students. If you find something that needs to be updated, please contact christelrussman@ci.bristol.ct.us.

Specific pages are used in the activity links above. Please check out the main pages of these websites for many more games and activities: