Identification Process

There are three aspects of EL Support Services for which procedures and forms have been prepared.

I. Initial Identificationof students who may require EL or bilingual support services.

II. Modifications to the type/amount of EL support services and Request for Language Dominance testing.

III.Exit Criteria versus Continuation EL or bilingual support services - Progress reported at the yearly Annual Review.

Guiding documents to address each of the areas include:

1. Connecticut State Department Guidelines

a. English Language Learner Identification Process
b. English Language Learner Identification Process Guidelines
c. English Language Learner Identification Process Outline

2. Bristol Guidelines for EL support Services

Other resources:

CAPELL Guidelines for Program Design of K-12 ELs

CSDE's ELL Frameworks
Bristol's EL Curriculum - Samples are posted. Currently with the adoption of the Common Core State Standards and revised LAS Links C testing, the EL curriculum is still under revision.

TESOL PreK-12 English Language Proficiency Standards

It is important to note that TESOL/tutors do not provide EL students with homework support or assistance with classroom papers or projects.

As of December 2005, the CSDE published the ELL Frameworks.

Bristol's EL Curriculum was adopted in June 2008.

It is aligned with the CSDE Frameworks and clearly indicates specific objectives in listening, speaking, reading and writing that must be adhered to. Performance and improvement on the LAS Links, as well as other assessments (DRA, subject benchmarks, Standardized tests such as CMT or CAPT, etc) determine the focus for each student's support services.

Bristol's EL Curriculum is divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels for elementary and secondary grades.

With the adoption of Common Core State Standards, Bristol's EL Curriculum is under revision.

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