Resource Websites for ELLs

Activity/Resource Websites for Teaching ELLs

This website lists a variety of glossaries for grades 3-5, middle and high school in the areas of Math, Science & Social Studies. The glossaries are available in many languages. This resource is excellent to assist newcomers with academic vocabulary. Some of the languages available include Spanish, Bengali, Urdu, Chinese, Korean, Burmese, Arabic, Haitian Creole, and Russian.

Math glossaries include High School Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2 & Trigonometry.

Science gloassaries include Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science & General Science.

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This site contains thematic activities that are related to the Units students see in their ELL classroom.

  • Avenues A - for Kindergarteners
  • Avenues B – Grade 1
  • Avenues C – Grade 2
  • Avenues D – Grade 3
  • Avenues E – Grade 4
  • Avenues F – Grade 5

This site provides students with extension activities and games to help reinforce vocabulary and language for the units covered in the ELL classroom.

  • Level A – beginners
  • Level B – intermediate
  • Level C – advanced

This site allows the student to Learn and Explore. Each level provides access to reader’s guide, extension activities and internet resources.

  • Edge Fundamentals
  • Edge – Level A
  • Edge – Level B
  • Edge – Level C

This website has the most activities and resources to help your ELLs succeed!
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  • A list of helpful websites for classroom teachers!

  • Great website to help beginner ELLs!
  • Crosswords, Word Searches, Flash Cards, Songs, Creative Writing, Phonics, ABCs, Lesson Plans, & more!

  • A list of helpful websites for students and teachers!
  • "Language Arts Sites for Kids" "Kid Friendly Sites for Publishing Your Own Work" "Language Arts Resources for Teachers."

  • An English/Spanish site for families and educators of ELLs. Here you'll find lots of articles, resources, and ideas to support ELLs at school and at home.

  • Lesson plans and activities to help teachers who are working with ELLs.
  • Great website for parents who are learning English!

  • Printable teaching resources and activities.

Activities for Learning Sight Words

  • Dolch sight words listed by grade level and teaching resources and activities using sight words!

  • Sight word flash cards and take home activities.

  • Various sizes of sight word flash cards.