II. Modifications to the type/amount of ELL support services and Request for Language Dominance testing:

There may be several reasons why ELL services need to be modified:

  • parent request
  • student cooperation
  • schedule conflicts
  • review of academic progress
  • request for language dominance testing
  • request for special education testing

Parent request:

A parent has the right to refuse any service offered to his/her child. If a parent requests exiting from ELL support, a copy of the request must be sent to the ELL Supervisor, and the original placed in the student's ELL folder.

Student Cooperation:

Students cannot request to be exited from ELL support.

At the secondary level, if a student is demonstrating a lack of cooperation, attendance issues or negative behavior, the Guidance Counselor and TESOL/tutor should have a discussion with the student and advise appropriately. Students receive credit for successful completion of each ELL support class.

Schedule conflicts: (high school level)

Attempts to provide each student with a schedule that meets the requirements for graduation are made each year. Students are scheduled for ELL support one block period (84 minutes) every other day and receive one credit for satisfactory performance. On the rare occasion when an ELL student is faced with a decision to participate in ELL support versus a specific core or elective course of interest, Guidance and the ELL teacher will consult with the student and parent.

Review of academic progress:

Students participate in periodic assessments throughout the year to measure progress in all academic areas. If a student has achieved appropriate benchmark levels for that grade, the need for continued service will be reviewed.

Request for Language Dominance Testing:

If a student's academic progress is lower than expected, the classroom teacher and support staff may assemble information over time and request updated measures of language proficiency. Information may be obtained using the ELL Information Survey. The teacher may send the survey home or ask an interpreter to assist parents when completing the survey.

Request for Special Education Testing:

If a student's academic progress is deficient despite differentiation and focused instruction in the areas of weakness, a referral to special education may be initiated after:

  1. A careful review of the number of years the student has spent being educated in United States Schools needs to be made.
  2. Gaps in education and transience needs to be reviewed.
  3. Information from reliable sources regarding the development of the student's native language and instruction in English must be reviewed.
  4. Language Dominance testing may be requested to determine in which language an evaluation should be conducted in.

If it is determined that a student is eligible for special education services, the staff will collaborate to provide effective instruction.