Initial Identification

I. Initial Identification:

A. From Registration to Identification:

Upon entering the Bristol Public Schools, all parents are asked to complete a Home Language Survey. If there are two or more responses indicating a language other than English, the student is assessed to determine English dominance and proficiency.

As per the guidelines from the Connecticut State Department of Education, the following instruments are used to determine English proficiency:

  1. Formal observation in an unstructured setting,
  2. Individual English language interview, and
  3. Language proficiency testing.

To obtain more specific information about the development of the first language, the Home Language Survey-part two will be sent home for completion. The TESOL/Bilingual teacher will review the information with the classroom teacher.

The student will participate in a Proficiency Interview to provide information about social conversation skills in English and in Spanish if the first language is Spanish.

A Formal observation of the student in an unstructured setting will be conducted and the language(s) used noted on the form.

Finally, the student will be given a language proficiency test.

If the student attends a bilingual school, the Spanish & English versions of the PreLAS will be administered to 5 & 6 year old students. For other grades, the LASLinks (Spanish & English) will be given.

If the student attends other district schools, the LASLinks Placement test will be administered.

Parents of students who attend a bilingual school will be notified of an informational meeting to describe available CHOICES for service. A notification letter and permission/CHOICES form will be sent home for completion. All notices sent home will be available in Spanish.

Notification of ELL Support Services will be sent home with students at other schools. Parents need to indicate consent OR no consent to support services. This Permission/No consent form must be returned to the school as soon as possible for services to begin.

Before a student is identified as eligible for ELL support services, all of the above must be completed. Timelines for completion of this process should be within ten days.

Copies of all forms must be placed in the student's ELL Support folder and sent to the ELL Supervisor.

The ELL Supervisor will confirm the process is complete by sending an ELL Support Services Folder (manila) to the ELL teacher, with completed LAS test information and ELL First Date of Service, recorded on the folder. ALL Original forms indicated below must be filed in this folder and placed in the student's cumulative record in the office or Guidance Dept.

Forms Included:

  1. Home Language Survey
  2. Home Language Survey- Part Two
  3. English Proficiency InterviewK-5
  4. English Proficiency Interview Gr6-12
  5. Formal Observation Form
  6. Notification of ELL Support Services-Initial/Continuation
  7. Notification of ELL Support Services-Initial/Continuation Spanish