Exit Criteria vs Continuation

III. Continuation of ELL support services:

At the Start of Every School Year:

At the start of each school year, the ELL tutor/teacher will confirm the names and total number of ELL students at their assigned schools. For students who continue to qualify for ELL support services, the Notification of ELL Support Services-Continuing Placement form will be sent home for parent signature. This form is available in Spanish also. The form will document whether the parent consents or refuses ELL services.

In addition to the Notification form, parents will also receive a suggested list of modifications that are shared with teachers.These modifications will be utilized to ensure the success of the ELL student in the classroom, while improving English skills.

Forms included:

  1. Notification of ELL Program – Continuing Placement

Modifications for the ELL Student, based on the results of the English Proficiency Test (LAS Links)

Report Cards-Progress:

Student progress will be assessed each marking period.

(Grades 1-8): The ELL teacher provides a report card of progress that is aligned with the curriculum.

Report Card Forms included:

  1. Elementary 1-5: Beginner
  2. Elementary 1-5: Intermediate
  3. Elementary 1-5: Advanced
  4. Middle 6-8: Beginner
  5. Middle 6-8: Intermediate
  6. Middle 6-8: Advanced

Secondary (Grades 9-12): The ELL teacher will provide a grade based on student participation and improvement in acquiring English.The grades are listed on the student’s transcript and one credit per year is earned for successful completion.


All identified ELL students who have received ELL support services or have been identified as eligible for ELL support but parents have refused services must participate in a Spring Annual Assessment.

Results of the Spring Annual Assessment are reported to the CT State Department of Education each year in May.

The Annual Assessment consists of the LAS Links – a language proficiency test, mandated by the CT State Dept. of Education.All districts in CT must use this assessment.

ELL student performance and improvements are tabulated by the CT State Department of Education.To see how Bristol’s ELL students have performed, go to www.bristol.k12.ct.us/ell.

Click to see how Bristol's ELL Students have performed.

Annual Review Meeting Process:

The progress of every student in the program as to English proficiency and academic achievement is reviewed at the Annual Review meeting each year.The meeting is conducted by a team comprised of the TESOL staff, ELL Supervisor and/or Principal.Input from the classroom teacher is obtained prior to the meeting.The one-page Annual Review Form is completed at the meeting and a copy is sent home to the parent.

Continued Eligibility:

The State Department of Education has developed a State English Mastery Standard to assess the linguistic and academic progress of students (see CSDE - February 2006 ELL Proficiency Standards).

A Language proficiency standard and academic standard have been assigned for all grade levels.


LAS Links Scores

Kindergarten - Grade 12

Overall Level 4 or 5


Reading Score 4 or higher


Writing Score 4 or higher