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Instructional Technology Coaching

Working together, we can explore ways to integrate technology into your teaching. The possibilities are endless, maybe you want to try using Google Classroom or design and deliver a self correcting quiz. We can also work together to learn how you can use technology to manage your teaching responsibilities more efficiently.

Build a Pathfinder

A pathfinder is a webpage containing links to electronic sources. The webpage will be published on the school research portal and be easily accessible. The links in a pathfinder can bring students to websites, ebooks, videos, magazine articles, newspaper stories and much more. A pathfinder is an excellent way to guide students to credible sources.

Build a Research Project

A research project is a group of webpages containing information which will support students through all the steps of the research process. A research project is an excellent way to help students complete a thorough research project.


Anything you think I can help you with.