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In an effort to keep parents updated on the teaching, learning, and other important activities at South Side, you can now sign up for text messages of important upcoming events. Regular text messaging rates apply. Here is how you can get started:

Text to this number: 81010

Type this message: @sssfamily

Twitter: @davidjhuber


Dear South Side Families,

In order for us to ensure the safety of all students, parents are required to call the office by 9:00 a.m. on the day their child will be absent from school. Parents are also required to send to the office, a written note explaining the reason for their child’s absence. The written note following the phone call serves to excuse a child’s absence. This is important due to the recent changes inattendance laws passed by the State of Connecticut. Thank you for understanding all schools are required to abide by these attendance expectations.

In accordance of section 10-198a of the Connecticut General Statues (C.G.S.) an EXCUSED absences is one in which a parent provides written documentation of the reason for the absence to the child’s school within ten days.

For absences one through nine, a student’s absences from school are considered excused when the student’s parent/guardian approves such absences and submits appropriate written documentation.

For the tenth absence and all absences thereafter, a student’s absences from school are considered excused only for the following reasons:

  1. Student illness- verified by a licensed medical professional regardless of length of absence
  2. Religious observance
  3. Death in family or other emergency beyond the control of the student’s family
  4. Mandated court appearance (documentation required)
  5. Lack of transportation that is normally provided
  6. Extraordinary education opportunities pre-approved by school administrator
  7. Out-of-School Suspension

Absences for other than the listed reasons are considered unexcused/truant.

Attendance patterns are significantly correlated with school success. Each month our school runs an attendance audit identifying those students who have increasing numbers of days missed (both excused and unexcused). Once a child has exceeded ten missed days of school, a meeting with the district truant officer is required. When students are not in school, they miss important learning opportunities. Thank you for making every effort to have your child at school, on time, every day. For a printable copy of our excused absence note, please click here. As always, if you would like to talk more about this, please feel free to contact me at 860.584.7812.


David Huber

Kindergarten Registration

All new students (Kindergarten - 5th grade) at South Side School and those transferring within our district will need to register at the Bristol Board of Education Central Registration Office, which is located at 129 Church Street, Bristol, CT 06010. Our overall goal in having one location for registration is to improve customer service by expediting the process, ensuring consistency across all Bristol schools, and making it more convenient for those with children in more than one school. For more information please call 860-584-7033. Here is the link to all registration information: