Engineering In Action

8th Grade Engineering Action!

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The Problem: You are an engineer who is challenged to design and build a prototype for a vehicle that will be powered only by wind energy. You must identify and define the problem, develop, analyze and compare alternate solutions, choose and implement the best solution, and test and evaluate that solution.

The Process: Working in a team, you will brainstorm ideas and determine the criteria and constraints. Then, you will design, build and test a vehicle made from selected materials. The goal for your team is to move the vehicle the greatest distance from a wind source (fan).

Students were required to answer the following questions and produce a detailed sketch of their most successful wind-vehicle design.

  • When designing the vehicle, what factors did you need to consider?
  • How did you test and evaluated your alternate design solutions?
  • What are the specific critera and constraints you encountered?
  • What tools and resources did you find most useful?
  • How did you communicate your final design solution?