Class Room Rules and Norms

What are Classroom Norms?

Those behavioral standards that are expected of all members of the classroom community, adults and students

  • Cover large sets of behaviors
  • Apply to all situations all the time
  • Stated in a positive tone
  • Few in number
  • Developed by the classroom community

About Norms Versus Rules

Norms are agreement among the members of the class about how they will treat one another.

Over the year, the norms help the students to be accountable accountable for their actions and treatment of their classmates.

Both norms and rules are necessary in any classroom.

The class sets the norms after the students have had time to get to know one another and to learn the classroom’s rules and procedures.

During the Norm Setting Class Meeting:

  • Students will discuss how they want to be treated during the course of the year.
  • Together, the class will adopt a set of class norms.
  • These norms will apply to each individual within the classroom

Class Rules Example:

  • Always walk in the classroom
  • One person speaks at a time
  • Indoor voices only in the classroom
  • Raise your hands to ask a question or speak
  • Come prepared for class (bring all your materials

Class Norms Example:

  • We will speak politely and respectfully to one another
  • We will treat each other with respect at all times
  • We will always include one another in activities and discussions
  • We will help one another when we are struggling
  • We will solve problems fairly, FOLLOWING the rules.