Earth Science: Plate Tectonics and Interactions

Energy in the earth’s systems — How do external and internal sources of energy affect the earth’s systems?
7.3 — Landforms are the result of the interaction of constructive and destructive forces over time.

7.3.a. Volcanic activity and the folding and faulting of rock layers during the shifting of the earth’s crust affect the formation of mountains, ridges and valleys.
7.3.b. Glaciation, weathering and erosion change the earth’s surface by moving earth materials from place to place.

C18. Describe how folded and faulted rock layers provide evidence of gradual up and down motion of the earth’s crust.

C19. Explain how glaciation, weathering and erosion create and shape valleys and floodplains.

C20. Explain how the boundaries of tectonic plates can be inferred from the location of earthquakes and volcanoes.