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School Safety

Students Arrival Time 8:35-8:55

Students may not be dropped off before our 8:35 am start time. There is no supervision prior to this time. Outdoor recess is from 8:35-8:55 when weather permits, when temperatures are too cold or it is raining we will be inside. Students arriving after the 8:55 bell will be considered tardy.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

We need your help to make sure that our parking lot is safe for all pedestrians, especially our elementary students, and drivers. Please help us keep our parking lot safe by adhering to the following. For the safety of all of our children:

1) Please drive slowly in, around, and out of the parking lot. The speed limit in our school parking lot is 5 miles per hour. Please slow down.

2) Please do not talk on your cell phone while you are driving in, around, and out of our parking lot. As you know it is illegal to talk on your cell phone while you are driving.

3) Please park only in the designated parking spaces. Do not park along the curbs or in the bus loop. This is dangerous because of the congestion at any time, but with winter snow fall we have gridlock if people are parking along the curbs. There is not enough room for traffic to flow once the snow starts piling up.

I realize there are a limited number of parking spaces in our parking lot. However, there is additional parking available on Ivy Drive and at the far end of the school on Jacqueline Drive and Gregory Road.

Please drive slowly and responsibly through our parking lot. Park only in designated parking places so we can keep our parking lot safe and allow buses and cars to move easily through the parking lot. We are sorry for any inconvenience but appreciate your help and support with this important safety procedures.

Cell Phone Policy

As a reminder, students are allowed to bring cell phones to school. They must, however, be turned off and in backpacks during the school day and on the school bus.

For your information, pertinent components of the Bristol Board of Education Policy on the use of private technology devices by students are highlighted below:

Use of Private Technology Devices by Students
Students may possess privately owned technological devices on school property and/or during school sponsored activities, in accordance with the mandates of this policy and any applicable administrative regulations as may be developed by the Superintendent of Schools. The Bristol Board of Education ("Board") considers allowing students to bring to school such devices to be a privilege and not a right. The Board reserves the right to revoke this privilege if a student fails to adhere to the following guidelines and/or the Board's acceptable use and student discipline policies.

Use of Privately Owned Technological Devices
Privately owned technological devices may not be used during instructional time, except as specifically permitted by Policy # 6141.328 Bring Your Own Device and Protocol for the use of Personal Technology in the Schools. Cellular telephones may not be turned on during the school day. Use of the device shall be limited to the period before classes begin in the morning and after the student's last class in the afternoon. Such devices shall not be used during instructional time or in the passing between classes unless there is a bona fide health or safety emergency.

Use of any such device for an improper purpose is prohibited. Improper purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • Sending any form of harassing, threatening, or intimidating message, at any time, to any person (such communications may also be a crime);
  • Gaining or seeking to gain unauthorized access to Board technology resources;
  • Damaging Board technology resources;
  • Accessing or attempting to access any material that is obscene or contains pornography;
  • Cyberbullying;
  • Taking pictures without the specific permission of the subject of the picture;
  • Using a privately owned technological device to violate any school rules, including the unauthorized recording (photographic or audio) of another individual without the permission of the individual or a school staff member.

Disciplinary Action
Misuse of the Board's technology resources and/or the use of privately owned technological devices to access or utilize the Board's technology resources in an inappropriate manner or in a manner inconsistent with this policy will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action. For students, a violation of this policy may result in loss of access privileges, a prohibition on the use and/or possession of privately owned technological devices on school property, and/or suspension or expulsion in accordance with the Board's policies related to student discipline.

If you have further questions, please contact me at 860-584-7844 or email me at rosievojtek@ci.bristol.ct.us

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