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Parking Lot Procedures

August 2016

Dear Hubbell Families,

In the interest of safety and in response to feedback from parents/guardians, we will continue our morning drop-off procedures implemented last year.Please read the following instructions carefully, as we will follow these procedures on the first day of school.

For students in Grades K-5 who do not take the bus, the morning drop-off procedure will be as follows.Cars will form a line stopping at the juncture between the staff and visitor parking areas.When staff comes out for parking lot duty at 8:35 AM, the line will be motioned to continue through the rear staff parking area and around towards the sidewalk and side student entrance door.It is critical the line moves slowly and carefully as cars are still parking during this time.Students will exit cars from the driver’s side onto the sidewalk.If the student exits on the passenger side, please have them walk around the front of your vehicle.Cars should exit slowly after the student disembarks, stopping at the posted STOP sign at the crosswalk.There will also be students actively using the sidewalk after getting off school buses and vans, thus extreme caution and patience should be exercised. These procedures apply to morning drop-off only.Further instructions for afternoon pick-up are listed below.

Once in the building, all students will proceed to their designated waiting areas or to breakfast.Staff is on duty in these areas at 8:35 AM.The side door access concludes at 8:55 AM as staff prepares to receive students in the classrooms for instruction.Cars should not drive through the rear staff parking area after 8:55 AM.Students arriving at school after 8:55 AM will need to use the front door.Parents should park their car in the first half of the parking lot at this time and walk their children to the front door.Students must be in their classrooms by 9:05 AM.Students arriving after 9:05 AM will need to have their parents sign their tardy slip in the Main Office.As a reminder, cars may not drive to the front of the building.This area is reserved for buses only.

For afternoon pick-up, all cars must park in the front half of the lot or on the street.The rear lot is designated for staff and those with handicapped stickers/permits only.For the safety of students and adults, there is NO double parking.Those picking up students should meet the students at the side exits of the building.

Students who walk to school using our back path or sidewalks are asked to use the yellow crosswalks.Students who ride bicycles to school need to wear a helmet and need to get off their bike once on school property and walk with their bikes on the sidewalk.Bikes should be locked to the bike rack in the front of the building.

If you have any questions regarding these procedures, please contact the Main Office.


Rochelle Schwartz