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Unified Arts


Mrs. Danielle Noyes-Tortora

February 2018 Update:

Our third grade classes took an amazing trip to the New Britain Museum of American Art on January 11, 2018.The students spent the morning touring the museum and looking at many different types of art, from paintings to sculptures, abstract art to realistic representations, all created by famous American artists.The students especially liked the large paintings created by Thomas Hart Benton and his depiction of life during The Great Depression.

The students also got some time to be creative at the museum. They learned about landscapes from the museum’s art teacher, and created landscape postcards. They could draw a place they had been to or one from their imagination.They were very excited to use watercolor pencils.Their postcards were beautiful.What a great day it was!!


We are always busy creating, exploring, and having fun in the art room! This year we are creating wonderful collaborative art projects, one grade at a time to decorate our school. It has been a lot of fun. All students in Hubbell School are currently completing their fall themed artwork. We are about to delve into art projects based on famous artists as per the curriculum. Kindergarten will be studying the famous cave paintings of Lascaux. First grade learns about the wonderful artist Paul Ce'zanne and will paint a still life. Second grade learns about the abstract artist Paul Klee and will create their own castle built out of shapes. Third grade studies Alexander Calder, his mobiles and stabiles. They are creating a paper sculpture based off his stabiles. Fourth grade learns about Vincent van Gogh, and recreates their own version of Starry Night. Lastly fifth graders study the art of Leonardo da Vinci. They will be creating a clay bowl inspired by his drawings. We have great artists here at Hubbell School

To see some examples of student work, check out the art department website at /a/bristolk12.org/bristol-public-schools-elementary-art/.

Mrs. Olga HarhayMr. Frank Tamburro

April 2018 Update:
Hello from Music! A few special things to share from each grade, besides the singing, playing, and listening we get to do each day!
Kindergartners recently listened to and explored Camille Saint-Saen's Carnival of the Animals. We compared how different instruments in the orchestra, tempo, and dynamics were used to convey the idea of different zoo animals.
First graders are beginning to develop their music vocabulary for tempo and dynamics - words like allegro and adagio to mean fast and slow, and piano and forte to mean quiet and LOUD!
Second graders are mastering reading rhythmic patterns in 2/4. Quarter notes and Eighth notes are called "du"'s and "du-day"s and are now being read and written and decoded. We're ready to create rhythm compositions this spring!
Third graders are have begun recorders and their practice is showing! They have begun to play full songs like "Hot Cross Buns" and are using the 5 Step Process to learn even more music!
Fourth graders have been accelerating their reading and playing skills, now using do-so pitches (or more for some!) and more rhythms. They're working independently and will be composing their final recorder piece this spring.
Fifth graders have studied Gustav Holst's epic suite The Planets. They used musical vocabulary do describe compositional elements and studied listening maps to enhance their learning. This spring they will compose and perform their own pieces of music set to a choice of selected poems.
Fifth grade chorus is well on their way learning exciting new repertoire for the spring concert, May 22nd at BEHS! We look forward to seeing you there!

Musically yours,
Mrs. Barrieau, Mrs. Harhay, & Mrs. Kelly

Welcome to Hubbell Music! We are part of Bristol's NAMM Best Communities in Music Education award-winning program!

Our music instruction utilizes 7 concept strands. These strands are taught through the 3 Artistic Processes laid out by the National Coalition for Core Arts. These processes are
Creating, Performing, and Responding.

The 7 concept strands set out in the Bristol curriculum are as follows:

  • Rhythm
  • Melody
  • Expression
  • Form
  • Timbre
  • Literacy
  • Technique (Vocal and Instrumental)
We follow the First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfege (Feierabend) curricula.

First Steps in Music (grades K-2) utilizes a repertoire of traditional children's songs, rhymes, games and dances as well as movement with classical music in order to develop students who are tuneful, beautiful and artful citizens.

The Conversational Solfege (grades 2-5) general music program enables students to become independent musical thinkers with the help of a rich variety of folk and classical music. In this approach, music literacy starts with great literature and an "ear-before-eye" philosophy that correlates with the National Standards. Great songs are broken down into their component parts and then reassembled so that students can bring greater musical understanding to everything they do.

We incorporate performance learning programming as well.
Third graders are given recorders in the late fall and for two years utilize this instrument in their melodic and rhythmic learning, preparing them for the opportunity to join the band program in Fourth and Fifth grade. The Recorder Karate system is used to motivate and track student progress as they master songs with increasing levels of difficulty.
All 5th graders participate in weekly chorus. In this program students develop their singing technique through emphasis on breath support, posture, intonation, expression and more. With a blend of score analysis and practice, 5th graders prepare 3-4 pieces of quality children’s choral literature to be performed at two concerts throughout the year. Talented and interested students have an opportunity to join Bristol’s citywide Elementary Honors Chorus.

The ultimate goal is to inspire fully engaged, independent musicians who can hear, understand, read, write, compose, and improvise - skills that last a lifetime!

— Mrs. Barrieau, Mrs. Harhay, & Mrs. Kelly
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Mr. Steve Bashaw


April 2018 Update:
Hubbell Families-

Spring time is physical fitness time across the district. Most PE classes will involve stimulating our cardiovascular system or building muscular strength. As always, the students who are active OUTSIDE of PE class often make the biggest improvements from their Fall fitness test scores. Students will find that improving fitness levels can be fun and rewarding if they make time to regularly do the physical activity they like most. Choosing activities we enjoy most applies not only to students but to adults as well! How HARD you exercise is a smaller factor for most compared to how LONG you stick with it. It's a great lesson for students and adults alike. The most effective thing we can do for our children is to model the correct behaviors, including regular physical activity. This spring, let's all make an effort to continue or start up plans for increasing our physical activity and improving our health and fitness.

-Mr. Bash

February 2018 Update:
Hubbell Families-

Hubbell students have been working hard in PE since we came back from winter vacation. Our classes consist of practicing old and new skills such as throwing, catching, shooting hoops and volleying through fun and cooperative games. We also stress the importance of good character. Controlling our emotions and showing respect for self and others can be challenging for some in a dynamic and social environment, but I'm proud to say our Hubbell students are passing the test with flying colors. Lastly, there is a fitness thread that runs through every lesson. Sometimes we stimulate our cardiovascular system through an exciting team game and other times we incorporate strength building exercises. By continuing to strengthen our fitness levels at each lesson through the winter it helps our students perform better on the Spring fitness tests. Thank you for supporting Hubbell's PE program!

-Mr. Bash

Hubbell families- Our Hubbell students have been working hard this new school year in PE class. As always we are building our fitness and skill level but we ALSO spend time discussing character. In November we will begin focusing on manipulative skills such as throwing, catching, dribbling, shooting and volleying (September and October are always dedicated to physical fitness). In the coming months we will be utilizing these skills through team games. The great thing about team games is it addresses so many different areas at a time. When we play a ball game we often discuss the important skills utilized but we also make an effort to cooperate and show good sportsmanship as well as adhering to the rules. Most of the games we play will draw similarities between the activity and life outside of school. For example, a game of basketball will have rules, rewards and penalties just like everyday life! With anything our students learn in school there should be a connection to how it can benefit them in their life outside of school.

Steve Bashaw (Mr. Bash)
Hubbell PE