"Our mission is to make every child's potential a reality engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children."

Pre Kindergarten

Miss Kozikowski Mrs. Scrittorale Mrs. Clute Mrs. McMahon

February 2018 Update:

This month our Pre-k theme is all about the different forms of transportation.We will be focusing on comparing and ordering and sequencing both objects and events.Activities will include some STEM projects such as creating foil boats and trying to see how many pennies it can hold.Also creating paper rockets to launch using straw power. We will continue learning about rhyming and beginning sounds.Next month we will begin discussing weather and preparing to discuss your child’s progress at conferences.


The month of November will be full of activities relating to learning about Our Community and Building Things.We will be exploring a variety of careers in our Dramatic Play centers.We are also learning different ways to play together and following the classroom rules.

We are making pumpkins, sorting apples and counting and sorting a variety of objects in our classrooms.The kids are doing great walking together and staying quiet in the halls, taking turns, playing on the playground and sharing the toys in our centers.

Throughout the year we will be focusing on listening for the initial sounds in words, letter identification and rhyming.

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