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Welcome to Kindergarten

at Hubbell School

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April 2018 Update:

Kindergartners are working hard on their All About and How To books in Writer's Workshop. We have been reading a lot of books about animals, weather, plants, and much more. Students learn information by looking at the pictures and pick interesting facts to include in their own All About books along with a diagram about their topic. When writing How To books, kindergartners are discussing the importance of including all steps and in the correct order. For St. Patrick's Day, we wrote "How to Catch a Leprechaun"! You can write a How To book with your student at home to go along with things you do together. For example: How to Set the Table for Dinner, How to Get Ready for School, or How to Clean My Room.

In Reader's Workshop, we have been learning about informational text. Students studied the glossary, table of contents, index, captions, and photographs of these kinds of books. We have also been reading How To books to align with what we are doing in Writer's Workshop. An important Common Core standard involves listening to stories and speaking about them. With How To books, students listen to the steps and then retell them in the correct order whole group or when we turn and talk with a buddy.

February 2018 Update:

We cannot believe we already celebrated our 100th day of kindergarten! Students were able to do many fun learning activities related to 100. We also celebrated Groundhog Day and learned all about the holiday.

The Kindergartners did a wonderful job on the reading assessments. New reading groups have been formed and they will be getting new books in their reading bags. Try to find time each day to let them practice their reading skills. The more times they read a book, the more fluent they become.

We continue to work on writing skills including writing more than one sentence.The students are learning that each sentence they write needs to start with a capital letter and end with a period.They are also working on leaving spaces and using their word wall to help spell high-frequency words.They get better each day!

In math we have been working on composing and decomposing numbers. Students are learning different ways to make a number. For example, 6 is 4 and 2, 6 is 5 and 1. We are doing many engaging learning activities so students can build numbers and explain their work. At this point in the year, students will be focusing on writing in math, rather than just manipulate objects and write numbers. Students will record their work and write statements explaining how they solved a given problem.

Parent-Teacher conferences will be held next month.We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your child individually!