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Fourth Grade

Miss Daly, Miss Carvalho, Mrs. Bouchard

April 2018 Update:

Hello Hubbell 4th Grade Families! Rooms 133, 132, & 130 are buzzing with new learning. In Math, we are growing and connecting our concepts of fractions to decimals. Students were introduced to the first two place values after the decimal point (tenths & hundredths). A great way to practice these are by referencing them to dimes and pennies. So the next time you’re in the grocery store, try some extra practice with price tags and weights!

As for the English Language Arts, we are wrapping up our non-fiction units. The next unit for Reading and Writing involve the genre of Fantasy. Students will be reading mentor texts to discover craft author’s use when writing fantasies and then applying this knowledge to develop their own fantasy story.

Please look for the blue sheet of paper regarding our Family Day at Hubbell. On Friday, April 27th, we are inviting parents/guardian to come between the hours of 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. to take part in some multiplication math center fun. We think this will be a great opportunity for parents/guardian to learn the various multiplication strategies, and for students to brush up their skills for the upcoming Smarter Balanced assessment.

The 4th grade teachers would like to thank the first cluster of families we met with during parent teacher conferences. We look forward to the next night of meetings on Wednesday, April 11th. Please recall dismissal is at 1:10 on that day.

As always the 4th grade team is only a note, email or phone call away. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns!

February 2018 Update:

Happy New Year Hubbell Families! Our work wheels and gears have certainly been in motion since our Winter Break!

Fourth grade continues to closely intertwine non-fiction skills in reading and writing. In Reader’s Workshop, students are heading in the direction of discovering and evaluating author’s stance. While in Writer’s Workshop, they will be reading multiple resources, taking notes, and paraphrasing the information to write their own report which will include their own stance.

Although we have moved onto fractions, the fourth graders have realized as mathematicians, basic fact knowledge is crucial to determine equivalent fractions and compare fractions. Students are learning math through the workshop model in fourth grade. This allows for teachers to differentiate their instruction with guided math groups and centers after a whole group lesson. Would you like to see this in action? The fourth grade team is planning on sending an invitation to parents/guardian in the future for this opportunity. More information will come.

On January 30th, we were lucky to have State Trooper Moon come to Hubbell to speak to the fourth and fifth grade classes. Trooper Moon explained the basic duties as a state trooper and put an emphasis on her message: work hard to achieve your dream. Students were certainly eager to hear what she had to say and ask her questions. Thank you Trooper Moon!