Rules & Regulations

All Bristol Public School rules apply during the Summer School session.

Summer School students are prohibited from smoking on school property and from wearing hats in the building.

Violation of any school rules will result in consequences up to and including withdrawal from school without refund or credit.

Any suspensions from summer school will count as an absence. Serious violations, such as fighting, theft, vandalism, or the use of alcohol or drugs may result in immediate withdrawal as well as police referral.

All students must enter and exit the building through the gym entrance.

Attendance Policy

Students who receive more than two absences may be removed from the class.

Tardiness will also impact your enrollment in a class. Every three tardies will result in one absence. Tardiness to class of more than 15 minutes will be considered an absence.

Remember, you’re completing a one year course in five weeks, so attendance is very important.

To Receive Credit for the Course:

Meet the attendance policy.

Receive a passing grade of 65 or higher for the summer school course.

The grade for credit awarded through the summer school program consists of 20% assessment and 80% course work.

When a student participates in the summer school course for either semester 1 or semester 2 of a full year course; and passes the semester half of the course in summer school, the student shall receive ½ credit for the summer school course and ½ credit for the semester passed during the school year.

The ½ credit awarded for the summer school course and the ½ credit awarded for the semester passed during the school year is only applicable to the remedial summer school courses.

The summer school grade is not averaged with the final course grade for the full year course.

I have read and reviewed the rules and regulations for summer school and agree to follow all of them.

Tuition and Fees

Bristol Public School Students

9th & 10th grade core courses (English, Math, Social Studies, Science): No Fee

English 11, English 12, Algebra 2 $175 full year (87.50 per semester) Civics $87.50

Non -Bristol Public School Students

All full year academic courses: $225.00
Civics $112.50

No refunds after July 13, 2016

Book Deposit

All students will be required to submit a $25 security deposit for each book on or before the first day of class. This deposit will be returned upon return of all textbooks at the completion of summer school.

Courses may be combined or cancelled depending on enrollment.

High School Online Course Offerings

Civics and English 12 will be offered through Edgenuity Program.
There is no book deposit for online courses. For details, use the link below.