"Our mission is to make every child's potential a reality engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children."

Mrs. Greene
Team Leader
Language Artskristinegreene@ci.bristol.ct.us
Mr. LodovicoScienceenricolodovico@ci.bristol.ct.us
Ms. OuelletteMathmichelleouellette@ci.bristol.ct.us
Mr. WallingSocial Studiesrobertwalling@ci.bristol.ct.us

Academically speaking, the eighth grade year will offer many challenges. It is important for the students to keep up with their assignments on a regular basis.

If students are feeling overwhelmed, they are welcome to speak with us, and we will all do what we can to make things better. Stay tuned for more happenings of the Red Team and please check the calendar for upcoming events.

We have many exciting activities planned and encourage everyone to participate. By doing so, the eighth grade year can be the best one yet.