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A database is an organized, computerized collection of information that can be searched, sorted and analyzed rapidly. The Bristol Public School System purchases many databases to support the Bristol curriculum and student research. The databases provided to students at Bristol Eastern High School are listed below.

Tip: Hold your mouse over each link to learn more about that database!

passwords available for BEHS faculty and students here (see Mrs. Kenney for more information)

SIRS Knowledge Source

Online versions of books from the following series available:

Critical Insights: Authors
50 States Great Events from History
Critical Insights: Works
Decades Great Lives from History

Connecticut Digital Library
For home access, use the barcode number on your public library card as your password
click the "try this" button to use your IP address

Samples of the databases available in
Hold your mouse over each to learn what resources it offers.

earches Academic Search Premier, Biography Reference Bank, Biography Reference Center, ERIC, History Reference Center, MAS Ultra: School Edition, MasterFILE Premier, Middle Search Plus, Newspaper Source Plus, Nonfiction Book Collections for High Schools, Middle Schools, and Elementary Schools, Science Reference Center, and TOPIC Search.

Science Reference Center button Academic Search Premier
Biography Reference Bank button History Reference Center

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The BEHS Media Center maintains two newsletters: one for students and one for teachers. The newsletters are available online and e-mails are sent to the respective groups with each new issue.

Lancer L.I.N.K.s

(student newsletter)

Media Matters

(teacher newsletter)


Library Orientation: Robot Style

What are your hours?

Mon. - Thur. 6:30AM - 2:30
Fri. 6:30AM - 2:05 PM

How do I find a book in the library media center?
Use Destiny (formerly, OPAC-Online Public Access Catalog) to search for books in the BEHS library media center. You can search by title, subject, keyword or author’s name.
  • Fiction books are located on the courtside side of the media center. They are arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name. Look for the signs located at the end of the bookshelves.
  • Graphic Novels are located on either side of the soft seating area next to the librarian's desk. They are alphabetized by series name (e.g. Spiderman books are under S).
  • Non-fiction and most reference books are located on the outside wall of the library media center. They are arranged by subject according to the Dewey Decimal System. Look for the call numbers listed in Destiny and then use the signs located at the end of the bookshelves to locate the book. Reference books may circulate overnight, and photocopying of limited pages is available.
How long can I keep a book?

You may keep a book for three weeks and renew it unless special arrangements have been made by your teacher to extend the circulation period. Reference books are available for overnight checkouts only. Fines for overdue books are charged at the rate of 5 cents a day.

May I use the Internet?

Students who agree to follow the Bristol Board of Education Acceptable Use Policy may use the Internet for school projects, before, during and after school. The computers are to be used for educational purposes only.

May I use the library media center during study hall time?

Yes, students may use the library media center during study halls to study, read, do homework, and research. You must have a library media center pass to enter. The passes can be picked up in the library each morning before school. If you have a library study hall pass, bypass your study hall and come directly to the library during for that block. All students NOT in a scheduled class should sign-in at the desk.

May I use the library media center during lunch?

Yes, students may use the library media center during lunch to study, read, do homework, and research. Please enter on the main office side of the library media center. All students NOT in a scheduled class should sign-in at the desk.

May I use the copy machine?

Yes. Please check with the media center staff before you use the copier. Copying is limited to educational use only and multiple copies must be done at other locations.

Source Evaluation

Evaluating Sources of Information

Not all internet sites are reliable or accurate. Some sites have been created by people who have no accountability, some by people who have a clear bias, even some by very young students. On the web, anyone can publish information. Therefore, it is important to think critically about the web sites that you locate in your research. Listed below are some questions to ask as you evaluate the site and a reminder to be a responsible user of the Internet.

Currency (dates)
  • When was the information created? Revised?
  • Is the topic something that currency is important for?
    • Science, Tech and Health information should be <3 year="" old="" span="">
    • You can be more flexible with historical, literary, or biographical information
Reliability (trust)
  • Is the information clearly written, free of errors (spelling, grammar)?
  • Can you tell where the author got his/her information? (sources, links, notes?)
  • Does the information have depth? or is it merely superficial?
  • To the best of your knowledge, is the information ACCURATE (correct)?
Authority (author)
  • Who wrote the information?
    • Companies can be authors, like “National Geographic”
  • Is the author an expert in the subject they are writing about?
  • Is there an email address to contact the author?
  • webmaster ≠ author

Purpose (why)

  • What is the point of the source?
  • Do they make or sell something?
  • Is it a personal page?
  • An educational or government page?
  • Does it use emotional language?
  • Are both sides of the subject offered?

Special Note: Internet Ethics

  • Have you cited all information that you got from the site?
  • Did you give credit to the authors or organizations who published the site?
  • Did you request permission to link someone else's site to your own?


Techie Tuesdays

Techie Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, I'll be uploading a technology tip or trick for the Bristol Eastern High School Community into this playlist.

Do you have a technology question? A topic you'd like to see covered? Please submit suggestions for future videos by filling out this form.

Works Cited

The preferred tool for citing sources at the BE Library is NoodleTools!
Don't accept the automatic citations made for you at other sites--they are often incorrect!

See Ms. Kenney for the help creating
an online works cited page, note cards, and/or outlines using NoodleTools.

See samples of MLA citations below.
Need more help? Visit Purdue's Online Writing Lab's MLA style page or their APA style page.

Why are citations important? Check out this Prezi to learn why!

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