About AVID

Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID is a fourth through twelfth-grade system to prepare students in the academic middle for four-year college eligibility. It has a proven track record in bringing out the best in students, and in closing the achievement gap. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.

AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

AVID's mission is...
Our mission is student-focused, but our work transforms the behaviors and expectations of the teachers who support the AVID student. Our mission centers on the goals our students set out to achieve.
...to close the achievement gap
At AVID, we seek to close the achievement gap by improving the performance of all students, especially those who have not traditionally succeeded in completing college entrance requirements: students who are underrepresented in four-year colleges and universities, students in the academic middle, students who are the first in their family to go to college.
...by preparing all students
A common misconception about AVID is that we focus solely on minority and low-income students. Not at all! AVID is a college readiness system that starts in elementary school. We have a school-wide approach for elementary grades where AVID is available to ALL students. In middle and high school, we target a core population of students who enroll in an AVID elective class. As the system takes root in secondary schools, AVID gradually expands school-wide to serve all students. AVID Post secondary continues to support students in their efforts to earn a college degree by developing the skills needed to persist in college.
...for college readiness
Because AVID provides students with a clearly defined and delineated road map, they gain the confidence needed to pursue their dreams of college. AVID prepares students for the rigors of college, and provides them with academic skills, content knowledge, and social adaptability needed for college success.
...and success in a global society.
The AVID system empowers students by instilling in them the academic and social skills needed to successfully complete college and become responsible participants and leaders in our global society.

Cornell Notes

"A widely recognized system of note taking that is commonly taught to university students is the Cornell method, developed by Dr. Walter Pauk, a Cornell University professor. The Cornell system is not really a method of taking or recording notes; it is more a system for organizing your notes into an effective study guide. The Cornell system promotes active learning and critical thinking, providing a method by which you can increase your comprehension of class material."1

1 Academic Success Center. Note Taking: Cornell Method. Utah State University. Utah State University, n.d. Web. 30 Mar. 2016..

ECMC Scholarship

How Can You Help?

Ways to help you AVID student at home:
  • Talk to your son/daughter about school.
  • Be aware of your student’s classes and his/her performance in each. Praise your student’s strengths and help him/her find ways to improve in areas of weakness.
  • Ask to look at your son/daughter’s binder
  • Review your student’s tutorial request forms to see what kind of questions he/she is asking in class.
  • Know your son/daughter’s friends.
  • Be enthusiastic and supportive. Your son/daughter’s participation in AVID will keep him motivated and excited about reaching the goal of attending a four-year college or university.

Tutors Needed:

As part of AVID, students participate in a tutoring program to support these students as they challenge themselves to our accelerated and Advanced Placement course work. We are hoping that some of the students at from area colleges might be interested in tutoring our students as part of this program. In this program, tutors act more as guides and facilitate a small group of students with similar academic needs while the AVID elective teacher is present in the classroom. Both tutors and students are provided with training to make them more successful in this process. These tutors are essential to the success of our AVID students and their future success at schools like yours. Tutors will be needed daily from 12:30-2:05pm and will be paid $8/hour for their time. Tutors will need to be able to provide their own transportation. Please e-mail Carly Fortin for more information or call her at 860-584-7876.


AVID Tutorials:

  • Create deeper understanding of concepts covered in core content classes.
  • Develop skills necessary to become self-directed learners--tutorials are not just homework help.
  • Push each other's thinking utilizing inquiry.
  • Tutors facilitate group discovery; they do not give answers.
  • Students reflect on their learning.

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