ELL Social Studies

ELL Social Studies

TEACHER:Mr. Fleischman


Statement of Core Values/Mission

Bristol Eastern High School support, challenges and empowers students to succeed within and beyond our community. We are committed to regular and continuous evaluation and improvement of instructional practice. We provide a safe and nurturing environment in which students are partners in their learning progression helping them develop a passion for knowledge. We have set forth 21st century learning expectations that will challenge our students to think and act to solve problems within and across disciplines. We will provide varied opportunities for our students to work independently or collectively within or outside the classroom setting. We pledge to review and revise learning expectations and this narrative based on district and community priorities.

Course Description

Welcome to ELL Social Studies. The first part of this course will cover most of the content from the US Citizenship exam. During this course we will cover the following units.

  1. Geography
  2. American symbols and Holidays
  3. Principals of American Democracy
  4. Systems of Government
  5. Rights and responsibilities of citizens
  6. US History

Throughout this course students will be given multiple opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate effective written and spoken communication for a range of purposes and audiences
  • Critically read increasingly complex texts from a variety of sources
  • Participate in collaborative and independent inquiry to question, investigate/research a topic, gather and present information
  • Use interpersonal and collaborative skills required to keep harmonay in a diverse community.

GRADING CRITERIA: Quarterly grades will be determined by following system:

Test/Quizzes: 30%

Participation: 10%

Classwork/Homework: 30%

Projects: 30%

Expectations for Students

1) You are expected to be in class, seated at your desk when the bell rings. If you are late you will be referred to administration for disciplinary action.

2) You must always have a pen or pencil with you as well as your notebook (with paper). You will not be allowed to run to your locker to get any of these supplies.

3) All assignments are due at the start of the period.

4) If you absent, you must make up your work 3 days after returning to school. If a student misses a test or quiz, they should see me immediately to set up a make time, otherwise they will get a zero for that quiz.

5) You must behave appropriately, if not I will assign you 20 minute detentions to be served after school the next day.


Your participation in this class is very important. Not only does it help us learn the material, but it will also help you improve your English skills. During the first week of school we will create a participation rubric that you will fill out at the end of every week. This will allow me to provide you a grade for your participation that week.

ELL Social Studies Participation Rubric

Try Again

1 point


2 points


3 points

Raising Hands

I did not raise my hand enough this week.

I raised my hand at least 3 times this week.

I raised my hand at least 5 times this week.

Read in Class

I did not read in class this week

I only read 1 day this week in class

I read every day this week in class

Ask Questions

I did not ask any of my questions this week.

I only asked a few of my questions this week; next week I will make sure I ask them all.

I asked all my questions this week.

Prepared for Class

I did not bring to class my notebook, paper pen/pencil this week.

I only came to class with my notebook, pen/pencil once this week.

I came to class with a notebook, paper, and pen/pencil every day this week.

Answer Questions

I did not answer any questions this week.

I only answered questions one day this week.

I answered at least one question every day this week