Online Discussions

Online Discussion

Welcome to our online forums. This forum will allow us to explore a variety of topics more in-depth without impacting classroom instruction time. There weill be two types of Discussion Questions; required and optional. All students have to post a response to required Discussion Questions (DQs). You will not be able to view anyone else's response until you have posted your own. All students must post a response by midnight of the assigned due date and will recieve a homework grade.

In order for us to have a conversation, each student is required to post "Qualified Responses" on 6 separate days a month. Students will receive a separate homework grade for online participation.

Discussion Question Assignments - Below is the rubric that will be used to grade your DQ response. Please note, your required DQ responses will NOT count towards participation.




Student has addressed all aspects of the question in full depth. Including discussion of specific concepts from class/text

4 pts

Student has minimum of 150 words, and references are cited properly, and is written in essay format.

3 pts

Little or no spelling errors, if any, only minor grammatical mistakes exist.

3 pts

Student addressed the basics of the question but did not full develop their answer may have only included limited discussion of concepts from class/text

3-2 pts

Student has a minimum of 150 words, references are properly cited, however tone/format is less formal for this assignment than required.

2 pts

Several spelling and/or grammatical mistakes exist, however they do not interfere with the readability of the essay.

2 pts

Student submitted only a basic answer to the question.

1 pt

Student has not met 150 words requirement and did not submit an answer in essay format.

1 pt

Wide variety of spelling and/or grammatical errors that at times interfere with the meaning of the essay. Proof reading needs to be completed before submission.

1 pt

Online Participation requirement - Please be mindful the requirement focuses on the number of days not number of posts. You must post at least 1 qualified post on 6 separate days a month. A student who posts 6 comments on 1 day will not get full credit for participation; it simply means you have participated on 1 day.

A qualified response is a response that continues a conversation. Simply agreeing doesn't make your response qualified. If your response offers additional insight/commentary to an issue, or poses additional questions then you have met this standard. Rule of thumb this should be at least 50 words.

Please be mindful of tone in your posts, e-communication has a tendancy to "sound" cold to a reader. To avoid this, take the time to directly address a person by name, acknowledge the statement you are responding to and be respectful in your comments. Remember we are discussing issues, not individuals.

Discussion 15-16