Media File

Media File

As a student of political science it is vital to stay up on current events and trends.  In order to do this each student will be required to keep a media file.  The file will be collected twice a quarter; progress report time and the end of each quarter.  You are expected to have at least half of the media file at the time of the progress report check.  For each section you will find one article from an accepted news sources for each of the categories.  For each media file entry attach the appropriate form.               

Executive:  Article about the policies and actions of the President, Vice-President, or the Cabinet.

Legislative - Article about the policies and actions of members of Congress.

Judicial - Article about the policies and actions of the US Federal Courts (district, appellate, or Supreme), this article should be in relation to national issues.

Bureaucracy - Article about the policies and actions of the various federal government agencies.

Economic Policy - Article related to US economic policy.  Topic could include taxes, economic growth, inflation, deficit, budget, and governmental regulation of industry.

Foreign Policy - Article about US relations with other nations or world organizations.

Domestic Policy - Article about US policies related to internal issues such as education, agriculture, transportation, and homeland security.

Military Policy - Article about US policies regarding the armed forces including movement, efficiency, activations, and size.

Environmental Policy - Article about US policies regarding US policies regarding the environment.

Newspaper Editorial - An editorial on a national issue from a approved national newspaper.

Weekly News Commentary - Summaries of a weekly news commentary show such as Meet the Press, Face the Nation, Hardball, O'Reilly Factor, This Week, Anderson Cooper 360.  Keep in mind these summaries are to be from commentary shows, not news programs.

Editorial News Magazines - Articles from editorial magazines such as, the Nation, National Review, The New Republic, and Foreign Policy.

Below or the additional form you will need to complete this activity:

Media File Citation Sheet

Print Media Summary

TV Commentary Summary

Mid Quarter Rubric

End of Quarter Rubric