Election 2016 Project

2012 Elections Project

The 2016 elections have become highly charged and could change the balance of power in Washington. During this project you will be asked to write a paper with your analysis and your prediction of an assigned Congressional race.This paper is due no later than November 7th. When writing your paper please make sure you use the following as a guide:

1. Who are the candidates? Party, background, experience.

2.What are the major issues raised in this race? How do the candidates stand on these issues?

3.What are the demographics of the district?Population, industry, political orientation, etc?How did this district vote in 2008 and in past elections? Is it a Red or Blue district?

4.Are there any special circumstance in this election?

5. Your prediction: Who will win? Why? Be specific, which voters are going to vote for you candidate and why?

Paper should be 3-5 pages double-spaced typed.It should include a cover page (separate from the 3-5 pages requirement) which includes the student’s name, district covering and their prediction.

Key Races

Colorado 6Florida 18
Florida 26NH Senate
Illinois 10PA Senate
Iowa 3Indiana Senate
Nevada 3Nevada Senate
PA 8Illinois Senate
Texas 23NC Senate
New York 3