AP Government

Advanced Placement US Government

This course in United States Government is designed to give students and opportunity to fully explore our system of government beyond their 11 th grade Civics class. Beyond the study of Government itself, the course is designed to prepare students to take the Advanced Placement exam offered by the College Board. This exam gives students possibility of earning college credit for this course. Since this course is an elective; my assumption is that all my students have signed up for this course plan on taking the AP exam in May.

This course requires students to stay current with political events and to explore a wide range of viewpoints; especially those different from their own. Students achieve this by reading newspapers and magazines, as well as watching a variety of political commentary shows.

This political knowledge is important in order for us to have well informed discussions in class. All students should be prepared to voice their opinions and engage others in discussions (even if they become heated – which is the case in most political discourses). But overall, students are to respect each others political opinions; after all with out political disagreement politics would be boring.