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.50 credit PASS/FAIL Gr. 9-12

NOTICE: Guidance Service Learner- Tutors Needed for Spring Semester 2016! Positions available every period! See Mrs. Longo or Ms. Rossier to see if you qualify.)

Prerequisite: This course requires that the student have a free period for an entire semester, have good attendance and be passing all classes to enroll.

Description: The Bristol Central High School Service Learning Program is designed to provide students an opportuntity to build and practice helping and leadership skills. Available at the school itself, these positions encourage students to build work experience and employment skills, increase awareness of a career interest or enhance a student's understanding in a subject area.

Please see Mrs. Longo for course requirements and contract.


Description: Work Experience provides employed students the opportunity to earn .50 credit by completing 200 work hours. Employers and students are encouraged to work with the career counselor in developing work related skills, competencies and work ethic. Additional workshop attendance and participation in any other Career Center event may be considered as extra work hours with PRIOR CONSENT of Career Counselor. A completed Work Experience Contract must be signed by the student, the site supervisor and the parent. The student is not enrolled in the course until the contract has been returned to the career counselor.

Special Note: Students are not automatically enrolled in Work Experience for BOTH semesters. Students MUST register each semester!

To post a job opportunity through the Career Center, please contact Mrs. Longo at Kelleylongo@ci.bristol.ct.us or call 860-584-7735 x 166

For information regarding Connecticut Safety and Labor Laws, please visit: http://www.ctdol.state.ct.us/wgwkstnd/wgemenu.htmor http://www.ctdol.state.ct.us/wgwkstnd/faqs-minors.htm (Workers under the age of 18


There are currently no internships available.

Applications for the hospital internship will be available in May 2016 for Seniors only.

Bristol Public Schools and Bristol Hospital have partnered to provide a unique internship experience. The Bristol Hospital program combines career awareness with hands-on learning. Through a speaker event and hospital tour, students become aware of a variety of career opportunities within the hospital setting. Opportunities range from the medical technologies fields to high level patient care fields. Interns choose TWO fields for their experience. Each site provides approximately 6 weeks of onsite experience. Hospital Internship Competencies developed are those relative to introductory health care and are in line with federal and state health field precautions. As with all internships through Bristol Central, a Bristol Central Internship Application is required. Acceptance into the Hospital Internship is limited to three per school.

  • Please note that Bristol Hospital requires interns to have proof of health/accident insurance and any necessary vaccinations as needed


OPEN to juniors and seniors by recommendation of the Career Counselor

Internships through the Career Center provide students with a semester long trial period within a career field. The internship is a credited course worth .50 credits.

The Process:

Students must complete an application Internship Application before doing an Internship and must have completed several pre-internship career exploration and research activities to qualify. References are contacted. The student must not be over involved in extra curricular activities or work schedules. Grades and attendance must be good to indicate potential in a career internship area.

The student intern candidates may be interviewed by the Internship Site Supervisor. If selected, the Internship Contract Internship Contract is signed by the parent, the student and the site supervisor.

The student must complete 10 career related competencies ( blank attached) within the required 60 hours onsite. The actual site may vary if within the same organization.

The student meets with the Career Counselor once during EACH quarter of the semester. During the meeting, students discuss their experience with the career counselor. Student Conference 1 Student Conference 2

A competency sheet is submitted at EACH meeting. Competency Activities

The first quarter of the experience, students must submit a Senior Project Approval Form. Internship Project Agreement

The Senior project , all evaluation forms , and the final competency sheet are submitted at the last meeting with the career counselor during the second quarter.

The course is graded numerically. Progress is noted in Power School.
  • Contract Returned by deadline
  • Meeting 1
  • Approved Project Form Submitted
  • Competency Form Completed and Signed
  • Meeting 2
  • Project Submitted ( Project Grade Sheet)
  • Site Supervisor and Self-Evaluation are submitted*

*The Site Supervisor and Self- Evaluation are not part of the intern grade but are important in assisting students to understand strengths and weaknesses for future planning.

To POST an Internship Opportunity through the Career Center, please contact Mrs. Longo at kelleylongo@ci.bristol.ct.us or call 860-584-7735 x 166

Note: The internship is designed to provide exposure and basic experiences suitable for the high school student. The student is not expected to handle responsibilities of a fully skilled or "in-training" employee.


Students may take a Career Center Independent Study for several reasons. The student may have exhausted the resources available to him/her within the schools setting. The student may have special needs preventing him/her from being able to fully access those programs, services and resources provided through the Career Center. The student's guidance counselor, special education team or administrator recommends a specific course of study to better assist the student in post-secondary planning, employment or personal growth. Independent Study courses carry .25, .50 and 1.0 credit points depending on the depth of the course. Career Center Independent Study courses MUST BE APPROVED by the career counselor, guidance counselor and administrator. In order for the career counselor to provide the best possible learning opportunity for each student, the number of Independent Study students is limited.

Earning College Credit Now!


APPLICATIONS available in the Career Center for the month of September of each year. Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 may apply as long as the student is currently taking one of the aligned college courses. These courses are:

Early Childhood Education 1 and 2 (3 college credits)

Accounting 1 and 2 (3 college credits)

Students must intent on taking the second required course(s) before graduating. BCHS students should discuss course selection with his/her guidance counselor as early as possible to ensure all levels of required courses can be completed by graduation.

WHAT: The Career Pathway Program (CCP) is designed to support student interest in specific career clusters and pathways and provides a jump start in the post-secondary educational requirements for entry into these career areas.

HOW: Once a student completes a CCP application by the end of the September, they must complete the second half of the course cluster with a 75% or higher in order to receive college credit.

NOTE: While most colleges accept college credit earned through College Career Pathway Programs, it is not a guarantee. Students should understand that applying CCP credit to a college requirement plan is a decision made by the college attended. Please contact college Admissions Offices to verify acceptance of any College Career Pathway course.

For questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Longo at 860-584-7735 X166

High School Partnership-

Take a College Level course now for free


Another great opportunity for students to explore interests and get a feel for the college environment and expectations is through the Connecticut Community College High School Partnership Program. Students who will be in grades 11 and 12 and who have at least a 3.0 may apply to take a course at the community college level free of charge. Students must take and pass the entrance test required of all community college students. Course listings for this program may be found at the Tunxis Community College website www.tunxis.commnet.edu or by visitng the Career Center. This program is unlike College Career Pathway credits in that students actually attend classes and are required to complete all work as would any enrolled college student. The grade appears on your high school transript. The course is free. Applications are available in the Career Center.

Students must have taken the Placement Test by and have scores into Tunxis before the application can be processed.

The College Now Program at the

The Unviersity of Hartford

The University of Hartford program is designed to provide outstanding high school seniors iwth the opportunity to enroll in one college course per semester on a tuition free basis. The program is selective and open to those students who meet the following criteria:

  • Qualified high school seniors who have exhausted the college preparatory courses in their high schools.
  • Students must have maintained grades of "A" and "B" consistently in their academic courses.
  • Students must have achieved a minimum score of 500 on both verbal and math portions of the SAT or PSAT.

Please see Mrs. Longo for more information regarding the criteria and the application process. The deadline for applications is April 2016 for the Fall semester.

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