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All Time Top Ten Lists

Season Rushing Yards

Single Season Passing Yards

NameYardsYear NameYardsYear
1Tim Washington3,0052000 1 Matt Coyne2,5162007
2 Tim Washington 2,7112001 2Matt Coyne2,388 2006
3 Garry Pearson 2,153 1978 3 Matt Coyne1,7812005
4 Tim Washington 1,990 1999 4 DJ Hernandez1,6302003
5 Garry Pearson 1,931 1977 5 Jeff Papazian1,4001997
6 Karl Hall 1,872 1979 6 DJ Hernandez1,3022002
7 D.J. Hernandez 1,599 2002 7 Andrew Laviero1,2312012
8 Kiernan Thurston 1,433 1987 8 Eric Lewandoski1,1661995
9D'Andre Conaway 1,412 2014 9 Cory Brown1,1262004
10Dathan Hickey1,402 2017 10Marvin Fitzpatrick1,0961989
#Active player stats to date

Single Game Rushing Single Game Passing
NameYdsVsYr NameYdsvsYr
1Tim Washington449Platt00 1Matt Coyne407Newington05
2Tim Washington424Southington01 2Matt Coyne375Maloney05
3Tim Washington353Eastern00 3Matt Coyne328Sports Science05
4Tim Washington349Southington00 4Matt Coyne293Windsor06
5Karl Hall345Pulaski79 5Dennis Sansoucie293South Windsor05
6Tyler Burrow342Maloney13 6Matt Coyne291South Windsor06
7Dathan Hickey333Eastern17 7Matt Coyne289New Britain07
8Garry Pearson330Southington77
8Matt Coyne287Newington07
9Tim Washington326New Britain00 9Matt Coyne283Maloney06
10Garry Pearson319Pulaski77
10Matt Coyne280Newington0611
11 Tim Washington318 Conard

Single Season Receiving Yds* Single Season Receptions
NameYdsYear NameRecYear
1. Aaron Hernandez1,7992005 1.Aaron Hernandez672005
2.Aaron Hernandez1,3342006 2.Aaron Hernandez622006
3.Brian Godbout8572007 3.Brian Godbout442007
4. Bernie Troth7001994 4.Bobby Zurrell371997
5.Bernie Troth6661995 5.Matt Tyrell352007
6.Sean Ware5652004 6.Devin Pecevich312007
7.Drew Lee5422014 7.Sean Ware292004
8.George Fanelli5221970 8.Drew Lee282014
9.Mike Benites5052011 8.Aaron Hernandez282004
10.Seth Wyrebek4991997 10.Matt Petersen272007
*Since 1969 #Active player stats to date

Single Season TD Passes Thrown Single Season TD's Scored
NameTD'sYear NameTD'sYear
1Matt Coyne262006 1Tim Washington422000
2Matt Coyne202007 2Tim Washington372001
3Matt Coyne192005
3Dathan Hickey30
3Jeff Papazian181997 4Karl Hall281979
5DJ Hernandez152002 5
Aaron Hernandez252005
5Cory Brown152004 6
Tim Washington221999
7DJ Hernandez132003 7
DJ Hernandez212003
8Dan Hooley121992 8
Kiernan Thurston201986
9Noah Cruz112014 8
Doug Jackson20
10Eric Lewandoski101995 10
DJ Hernandez192002
Brian Godbout191974
Garry Pearson191977

Single Game Pass Attempts* Single Game Pass Completions
NameAttvsYear NameCompvsYear
1Paul Nocera46Maloney1998 1Matt Coyne20Eastern2007
2Matt Coyne43New Britain2007 1Matt Coyne20Newington2007
3Matt Coyne 38 Eastern 2007 1 Matt Coyne 20 Platt 2007
4Matt Coyne37Platt2007 4Matt Coyne19Southington2007
5Matt Coyne 35 Newington 2007 5Matt Coyne 18 New Britain 2007
6Marvin Fitzpatrick33Maloney1990 5Matt Coyne18Maloney2006
7Jeff Papazian32Southington1997 5DJ Hernandez18Conard2003
7DJ Hernandez32 Southington 2002 5DJ Hernandez18 Southington2002
7Matt Coyne32Southington2006 9Jeff Papazian17Southington1997
10Paul Nocera29Hall1998 9Matt Coyne17Southington2006
10Matt Coyne29Maloney2006 9Matt Coyne17Windsor2006
10 Andrew Laviero29 Eastern 2011 9 Rick Spooner 17 Eastern 1964
* Since 1969

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