Romeo and Juliet

Nov. 18, 19, 20 2011
Carl A. Magnuson Auditorium

Featuring: Joey Betancourt, Shannon Ciralli, Graham Washburn, Ben Marcil, William Matthews, Gabby Myska, Morganne Gilbert, Samantha Putko, Rachelle Washington, Bradey Malave, Morgan Finn, Derek Cote, Nate Owens, Sarah Bugryn, Angela Garcia-Clark, Margaret Manning, Meagan Freeman, Tina Johnson, Tyra Talbot, Alyscia Talbot.

Stage Manger: Emily Perron
Asst. Stage Manager: Shayna Youman
Choreography: Jenna Melnick
Lights: Bryan Daly

Directed by: Lindsey Chute DiPietro
Production Manager: Lea McCabe

Ranked 31st in Connecticut, Top 6% Nationally By US News & World Report, 2016

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