High School Musical

High School Musical
Mar. 29, 30, 31 and April 1, 2012

Featuring: Jerry Albino, Rhianna Schab, Derek Cote, Samantha Putko, Tina Johnson, Nathan Owens, Rachelle Washington, Morganne Gilbert, Billy Matthews, Jeremy Mercier, Trystan Brunet, Paige McCarthy, Graham Washburn, Mitch Gagnon, Sarah Bugryn, Courtney Ouellette, Gabby Myska, Joey Betancourt.

With: Shannon Ciralli, Grace Gagnon, Jonathan Paredes, Dylan Benkert, Alycia Talbot, Ben Marcil, K.C. Britt, Emily McKenzie, Bradey Malave, Martin McNiff, Julia Melendez, Emily Cintorino, Cyrena Abbasi, Melissa Cummings, Alexandra Rindfleish, Taylor Barton, Jordyn Gauvin, Ishbell Hernandez, Alyssa Jasunas, Jenna Kowalec, Jenna Melnik, Hannah Oakes, and Karina Stenecki.

Stage Manager: Emily Perron, Asst. Stage Managers: Shayna Youman and Hannah Guerin.

Directed by Lindsey DiPietro. Musical Director: Meric Martin. Assistant Directors: Gina Gallo and Leah McCabe.

Ranked 31st in Connecticut, Top 6% Nationally By US News & World Report, 2016

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