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We are a sponsoring site of the NORTHSTAR Basic Computer Skills Certificate. Through learning, assessments and proctored tests, students enrolled in any of our programs can gain a certificate in Computer Literacy.

Do you need a way to demonstrate basic computer and digital literacy skills to employers? Completing the online Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments can help you identify areas in which you need further education. Once you have mastered the needed skills, you can obtain a Certificate by successfully completing the Assessments. .

More and more jobs require computer skills. Some employers require all jobseekers to apply online for jobs. Many jobs require employees to know how to use a email, search the internet, create documents, and handle other digital literacy tasks.

When people lose jobs that did not require computer skills, they often have to apply for unemployment benefits online. When they start looking for new jobs, they may find that computer skills they don't yet have are required.

Building computer skills, and being able to prove these skills to employers, can improve job seeking success.

Learning Resources (curated by Saint Paul Public Library)

Basic Computer Skills

World Wide Web

Using Email

Microsoft Word

Social Media

Excel Basics


Information Literacy

Typing Practice

  • Typing Tutorial
  • Typing Practice
  • Touch Typing Practice
  • Typing Tutor: This resource will prompt you to log-in or create an account, but you do not need to have an account in order to use the tutor. If you do not wish to create an account or log-in, simply close the window and proceed to the tutor. This resource is also available with a Spanish-language keyboard. You can change the language under "Language & Keyboard" at the top of the page.