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High School Credit Diploma Program

Our Counselors are available to assist you.
Call for an appointment (860) 584-7865.

Did you know?
  • Students enrolled in our high school completion program receive a Bristol Adult Education High School Diploma.
  • Teacher-led courses are scheduled in trimesters in the morning and evening.
  • You can transfer previously earned high school credits from your former high school.
  • Of the 22 credits required, YOU NEED:
    • 4 in English
    • 4 in Math
    • 2 in Science
    • 4 in Social Studies (including Civics & US History)

Additional options to earn credits include:

  • Work Experience credit
  • Community service contracts
  • Independent study projects

Also Available:

  • Guidance Counselors to assist you in planning your program.
  • FLEXIBLE and Convenient hours for Learning LAB participation.
  • Small group instruction as needed OR one-to-one tutoring by appointment.

Graduation Requirements:

  • At least 4 credits must be completed at Bristol Adult Education.
  • High school proficient scores on writing and math tests must be achieved or a 4 point stand score improvement in Pre/Post tests.