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ESL and Citizenship classes are free to all Bristol residents

We offer both beginner and intermediate ESL instruction. For students with some English skills, we offer instruction in beginning reading, writing, listening, and speaking. These courses will cover writing notes to your child’s teacher, business and personal letters, filling out checks and forms, reading recipes and more. Students are tested for initial placement. You may join any time in the semester.
Also, we will provide a review of the naturalization process or help you to fulfill Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) requirements.

  • Develop job skills
  • Use the computer
Conversation, grammar, pronunciation, and composition lessons will be designed to meet the individual needs of our students.

ESL Class Schedule

Bristol Adult EducationSouth Side SchoolGreene-Hills School
AM - M, T, W, & TH (9:00-12:00PM)PM -M & W (6:00 -8:30pm)
PM - T & TH (3:30 - 5:30pm)
PM - T & TH (6:00-8:30PM)

Class Discussion Topics

• General Skills
  • Food
  • • Education
  • Recreation
  • • Transportation
  • Jobs
  • • Government/Law
  • Money
  • • Health
  • Children
  • Citizenship Class Schedule

    Bristol Adult Education Center

    Mondays- 6:00pm - 8:30pm
    Session Two: March 9 – May 18
    Register on the first day of class

    Greene-Hills School
    Session2: January 26 - April 6

    ESL Links

    Michele Foertsch's Weebly Site


    • Perfect website for beginning and low intermediate students.
    • Survival English skills are reinforced using vocabulary and listening activities.
    • Provides listening, reading, and speaking practice.
    • Engaging stories that center on real world issues.


    • Listening and reading comprehension activities for intermediate students.
    • Real world issues presented in natural situations.
    • Lots of opportunities to practice.


    • Listening quizzes for beginning to advanced students.
    • Vocabulary practice for beginners.


    • Maintained by the creators of esl-lab.
    • Conversation starters for high beginning to intermediate students.


    • Practice grammar by playing common games such as Hangman, Snakes and Ladders, etc.


    • An interactive online newspaper for adult literacy students.


    • For Ell students interested in attending college.
    • Download sample TOEFL questions to practice for test.

    www.mcedservices.com - Multi-cultural services - Translation from English to many other languages;online ELL activities with interactive mult-media quizzes (adult phonic stories, listening to prepositions, environmental exercises, health literacy, medicine labels and warnings, writing a check, timesheets, forms, reading a map) Citizenship - study for U.S. Citizenship test.

    Http://iteslj.org/quizzes/ - Excellent source for self-study quizzes in grammar, vocabulary, idioms, etc., from beginners to advanced English learners.

    http://medlineplus.gov/ - A service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine - information on health, diseases, drugs, OTC medicines.

    www.simpleenglishnews.com - A variety of topics from online tests, world news, travel, business news, etc.

    www.manythings.com - A link to a variety of ELL sources for study.

    http://myefa.org - 'English for All" ****Go to VISITOR (top right) -- Student's page where you will find episodes on comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and life skills tests.

    www.acinet.org - (America's Career Information Net) Explore careers, job searching, resume writing, etc.