Kindergarten Team:

Miss Kelly, Ms. DiMatteo, Mrs. Rich (Paraprofessional), and Mrs. Tanner

We have made it to December! The children have been meeting in guided reading groups for the past few weeks. Please make sure that read every night and return your child’s reading log and book bag each day. The children are learning to use reading strategies such as point to each read, looking at the pictures, getting their mouth ready and thinking about what makes sense. We will be doing reading assessments during the month of December, so please make sure to keep reading at home! Also please keep reviewing your letters, sounds, and sight words.

In Writer’s Workshop we are continuing to work on pattern books. We are using our sight words to create a simple pattern to create a book. For example, all the children have made books using the phrase “I like….”. We are working on hearing the initial and ending sounds in words to get them down on their paper. It is great to see the children’s actual writing hanging up in our hallways!!! They are already truly growing.

In Math we have been working on comparing objects by specific attributes. An attribute is a property of an object such as color, shape, size, height, length, weight or capacity. We have sorted many different types of objects. We are now working on using measurement tools to compare objects. We are measuring height and length with cubes, weight with a pan balance, and capacity with measuring cups. The children are enjoying working hands on with these tools. At the end of December we will review shapes and work on building some shapes.

Report cards will be sent home in the month of December. At this time of the year we are looking to see children with mostly P’s and or 2’s on their report card. These grades mean that they are progressing toward the end of the Kindergarten year goal. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions about your child’s report card.

Here are some things to do with your child:

  • Read nightly
  • Practice reading the 25 and 50 sight words lists
  • Practice counting to 100
  • Write numbers 1 to 20
  • Practice tying shoes
  • Go onto Raz Kids
  • Go onto Sumdog


* Check Take Home Folders nightly and return to them to school.

*Read nightly and fill in reading log.

*Sign and return reading log and homework calendar at the end of the month.

*Make sure all lunch money is labeled in an envelope.

*Please write a note for any changes in dismissal.

*Please provide 1 healthy snack a day for your child.

*Provide a complete change of clothes to be kept at school if you did not already do so.

Just a reminder to all families, please continue to support your child’s learning by reading nightly and completing the homework calendar tasks. Also, don’t forget to utilize Raz-kids and Sumdog as a tool to help your child practice grade level skills.