Grade 2

The 2nd Grade Team are great characters!

Mrs. Scheer, Mrs. Silver, Mrs. Tichy, and Mrs. Graham

“Falling For Facts”

Happy November! The second graders are adjusting to their new school routines and working to improve their academic skills. The first few weeks of math instruction focused on problem solving strategies and basic computation skills. Students have learned strategies to help them learn basic math facts. Examples include: finding ways to make a ten, doubles, doubles plus one, and adding with ten. We’re “falling for facts” in school and practicing on a daily basis. Please work with your child to practice adding and subtraction through 20 to help increase their skills.

Our next unit in Language Arts focuses on Fairy Tales. We are excited to begin our learning into the land of “Once upon a time…”

The holidays are fast approaching and we hope you enjoy this special time with your family. As always, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Bristol Public Schools has created a wonderful link to websites that are wonderful to encourage student learning. Click on the following link to open a great place for kids to explore.