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Janet Kenney

Class Challenge #2: Penny War

It was an intense class challenge! Classes were pitted against one another to see who could collect the most pennies. BUT, there was one hitch: classes could counteract each other’s pennies by adding nickels, dimes, quarters or paper money. The seniors and juniors were very competitive. In the end, the sophomores won the penny war and immunity for their tributes in their second challenge. The proceeds of the penny war will go toward a public performance movie license for the entire school. (Translation: we will be able to legally show movies for rewards, after-school programs, etc.)

What day 4 looked like:

The final tally of the penny war:

Posted by Janet Kenney on Tuesday October 14 at 09:59PM
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Tribute Challenge #1: Mockingjay Trivia

 On Tuesday, October 7, 2014, the tributes gathered in the library for a trivia contest.  Despite numerous technical difficulties, students eventually were able to take a 20 question trivia test online.  While the sophomores were immune because they had won the first class challenge (Orange Nose Day), I kept that a secret until they were finished so they would all try their hardest.  Samantha, from District 10, got 18 of the questions correct!  Yay!

Sadly, we lost our first student.  Faith, from District 11, received the lowest score and was eliminated from our Hunger Games.  

As a farewell, her fellow tributes gave her the Distrcit 12 two-finger salute made famous in the first Hunger Games book/movie

Try the test for yourself here! 

Answers here. 

Posted by Janet Kenney on Wednesday October 8 at 09:05PM
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Class Challenge #1: Wear Orange

Friday, October 3, 2014, Bristol Eastern celebrated Orange Nose Day, a health awareness day. Students were asked to wear orange to school. The class that wore the most orange won immunity for its tribute. The sophomores won (but I didn’t tell them until after the first challenge, so the tributes would all be trying their hardest). Here were the results!

To learn more about Orange Nose Day, visit

Posted by Janet Kenney on Wednesday October 8 at 07:09PM
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The Cornucopia

Tributes met after school on Friday, October 2, 2014 and raced to gather supplies from the Cornucopia.  Each tribute was allowed to take one backpack. Supplies included: an eyeliner palette, a sewing kit, a cake decorating instruction book, a copy of Mockingjay, a “pass” card, and three “Capital Currency” coins.  One of the coins is for a class challenge, one is to “save” a tribute who gets eliminated, and the third coin is a bonus for a later challenge. Students may trade or bequeath supplies to others in the games--but items may only be used once!

Posted by Janet Kenney on Monday October 6
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UPDATE--Challenge 7: The Finals!

Our two remaining tributes, Malaika and Katie, competed in a series of 3 ½ challenges in the early morning of Monday, November 18.  

They began in the library with a bit of target practice with Nerf bow sets.  

They each had a cardboard turkey target to aim at--and on the back was a room number.   With five darts, they attempted to knock over the target.  After each miss, they were permitted to take a step forward.  After depleting their ammunition, they were allowed to pick up the turkey and discover the room number for the next step of the challenge.

The girls ran to the classrooms they were assigned and were greeted by a math teacher and a worksheet of Hunger Games word problems.  After answering a certain number correctly, they were given the following  map clue (this is the ½ challenge).

Once they made it to the classroom, they were given paper instructions to go to a specific website and write a cinquain poem using a poetry generator.

 Upon printing the finished poem, they were given the instructions to return to the library.

Our winner was Katie  from District 11.  She received a bouquet of white roses and a Fandango gift card.  Her victory entitles her classmates to watch the  first movie in the auditorium on Friday morning.


Posted by Janet Kenney on Monday November 25, 2013 at 10:26AM
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UPDATE--Challenge 6: Muttations

With only three tributes left, each participant had to create his/her own Muttation and present it on a poster.  They were each given the following rubric and a 3-day weekend to complete the task.  Teachers ranked the posters via an online survey and their rankings determined the winner and the eliminated student.

Malaika’s Ptero-Bullion (pronounced Terrible Lion) was voted first place.

Katie's Repta-Raptor was second place.

Alex B.’s Molf earned the fewest votes and he was eliminated.

Next week is our final challenge and a victor will be chosen!

Posted by Janet Kenney on Wednesday November 13, 2013 at 10:35AM
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UPDATE--Challenge 5: Cake Decorating

Our 5th challenge was a cake decorating contest.  Each of the four tributes was given an 8” round, single layer cake, a container of white icing, and an icing spatula. Centered between the tributes were numerous cake decorating accoutrement.  There was food coloring, sprinkles, aerosol colored icing with decorative tips and tubes of icing to which decorative tips could be affixed.  Finally, there was icing for writing with.

The tributes were given 50 minutes to create their masterpieces.  Effie took pictures of the cakes and posted them online for the school community to vote on.  The teachers’ votes decided the winner and elimination, but the district (class) with the highest voter turnout would win the class challenge and save their tribute, if needed.

The Winning Cake!The Winning Cake!

Alex B. won the cake decorating contest with his vision of District 13 (on which I won’t elaborate so as to not spoil things in the series) and Malaika’s Mockingjay inspired cake garnered the fewest votes and faced elimination. Luckily for her, her distirct had the highest voter turnout and she stayed in our games. Since Malaika was saved, the tribute who placed 3rd was eliminated and we lost Joel from District 9.

Posted by Janet Kenney on Saturday November 9, 2013 at 08:03PM
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UPDATE--Challenge 4: Catching Fire Crossword FINAL RESULTS

Malaika was saved by district 12!  She stays in the games, but sadly, Casey has been eliminated in her place.

The next challenge is Monday, 11/4 and the next class challenge will require students to vote online using their gmails (the "what" they are voting on is secret for now).  Any student who needs their gmail should see Effie in the library.

Posted by Janet Kenney on Thursday October 31, 2013 at 01:39PM
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Challenge 4: Catching Fire Crossword

The tributes 4th challenge was a crossword puzzle that covered the first two books of the series.  Based on the scores, Malaika will be eliminated UNLESS the seniors won the class challenge. Effie will be there tomorrow to tally the Red Ribbon Week Pledge cards!


Off to count the Red Ribbon Pledge cards to see if the seniors have saved Malaika!!! 

Posted by Janet Kenney on Tuesday October 29, 2013 at 10:39PM
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