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Janet Kenney


Business Plan Competition

(in the Small Business Ownership course)

The business plan competition (BPC) is a key part of the small business course in which students present an entire business plan that they've made.  But presenting their plan before an audience of judges provides students with both an understanding of and experience in how to conduct one of the most parts of starting a small business - how to raise the money necessary to get the business off the ground. Entrepreneurs must learn to pitch their idea to potential investors and financiers in a way that is quite similar to the presentations done at the BPC. Consequently the oral presentation aspect of the BPC is a critical component of entrepreneurship overall.

The business plan competition (BPC) can have expenses assocaited with it if done off campus, in a neihboring venue such as CCSU - the host of the BPC in June of 2011. Consequenlty I have asked for donations to help support the BPC as it is such an important part of the cousre and of the student's experience. Below is the list of donors who have provided finaical support for the BPC to help sustain it as an important experience for students. Thank you for supporting the BPC and helping students particiate in this valuable learning opportunity.


Co-sponsors of the business plan competition (BPC):


Level one sponsorship:            $250

  • Mr. Art Funk / Fourslide Co.



Level two sponsorship:                    $100


Level three sponsorship:              $50


Level four sponsorship:                          $25

  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald DeForge






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