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Third Grade

Clockwise: Mrs. Ayotte (Instructional Support), Miss Jackson, Mrs. Jannetty, Mrs. Chesnes

Currently in our 3rd grade classrooms, students have been planning and creating small moment stories. Students are learning to include a good beginning, organizing ideas, and adding details. In Reading, students are beginning to develop stamina and learning comprehension strategies that can be applied to any text. We are fortunate this year to have the support and guidance of Tracy Sinkwich, the school’s literacy specialist.

Time and money has been our focus in math. Students have been working on telling time to the minute and learning their multiplication facts up to the tens tables. These skills will continued to be practiced throughout the year. Any time you can work on these skills at home would be greatly appreciated. Be sure to ask your student the strategies they are learning in math to solve unknown facts.

Thanks to those parents who came to conferences. It was so nice meeting all of you. A home/school partnership is an important part of your child’s learning. We can always be reached on the phone or through email. As always, the 3rd grade thanks you for your support. Please continue to have your child read for twenty minutes on a daily basis.

Strategy for Home

  • Ask your child questions about the stories they are reading.
  • To help with math skills and word problems at home, multiplication.com is a great website to try!

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