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Literacy Support Staff

Mrs. Sinkwich, Mrs. Ayotte, and Mrs. Beaudoin

Hello Families! Happy Fall to you All! Take some time this season to get cozy and enjoy some great books together! Below are some activities to enhance your child’s literacy skills:


  • and compare different versions of a story
  • the same story over and over to learn it better
  • other stories or tales with similar themes
  • information to research parts of the story
  • and experiment using different voices to represent the different characters
  • and talk about the various settings in the story and have your child draw one
  • then discuss the key events in the story in the correct sequence
  • then illustrate a comic strip of the main events
  • then think up a new ending for the story and ask him/her to write it out
  • ask your child to retell the story from one character’s point of view

August 2017 Update

Hello from the Literacy Team!

Mrs. Ayotte, Mrs. Sinkwich, and Mrs. Beaudoin

are working diligently in focus reading groups to foster reading independence.

Students are learning how to use early reading strategies, develop

phonological awareness skills, and answer text dependent questions in an effort

to become successful readers!

You can help your child by setting aside time daily to read with them and discuss what

they have read. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.