On behalf of the staff at Bristol Preparatory Academy, we would like to welcome all of you to our 31st year of providing alternatives to the high school students of Bristol. Similar newsletters will be available on the school web site throughout the school year. These will keep you informed about the main activities for school year 2016-2017.

It is important to keep in mind that we all work together as a team to continue our success. Talk to your young adults about school and make every effort to attend conferences or maintain contact through the use of technology. Our name may have changed, but our focus and goals have remained the same.


Mr. Larry Covino
Administrative Supervisor

Ms. Daniela Cabral

Mrs. Kara Caron
Language Arts

Ms. Lindsey Kleidman
Social Studies

Mr. Edward Mongeon
Program Coordinator

Bristol Preparatory Academy

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Final Exams
Final exams will be administered beginning on Thursday, June 15 and conclude on Wednesday, June 21. Exams blocks are 2 hours in length, breakfast will be available but lunches will not be served, and all students will be dismissed at noon for the exam days.

BP's Graduation Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, June 21, at our location, beginning at 11:00 am. Tickets are not necessary and there is no limit as to how many may attend.

If all work has been completed and all credit requirements have been met, the graduating class of 2017 will be: Chris Agosto, Andrew Beale, Tyler Beale, Sara Bouley, Logan Brennan,Aimee Choquette, Ashley Michaud, Devin Pagan, Morgan Strickland, Matt Tetro, Haley Vadella, and Chase Wescott.

Ensuring a safe and secure learning environment that provides all students with the knowledge and skills to successfully complete college, other post high school education or training.

The philosophy of Bristol Preparatory Academy is that formerly unmotivated students will experience success in a small, personalized program, which is not bound by the number of rules and regulations necessary to maintain a large school. Also, in order to reverse the frequent pattern of conflict with school and teachers, which many of these students have displayed in their former settings, a loose working relationship must be established between students and staff. Additionally, the school philosophy promotes the concept of “learning by doing” and the curriculum involves frequent use of projects, field trips, and life awareness skills information programs.

The program emphasizes personal responsibilities for performance and behavior, with concurrent options for students to make choices about the types and amounts of responsibility, which they chose to accept, with certain minimum standards. Realizing that students must be guided in their quest to chance their past performance patterns, and to take responsibility for their education and for their lives, the staff has developed a variety of behavioral and emotional support systems, such as advisor groups, town meetings, and peer mediation.

The staff strives to increase each student’s self – image and feeling of self – worth, so that the students will take pride in his/her accomplishments. The staff attempts to provide relevant learning experiences for each student. Finally, the program incorporates the following three basic rules: respect for oneself, respect for others and respect for property. These rules help maintain a friendly and productive school atmosphere.

About BPA


The student desires to obtain an education and earn a high school diploma and pursue post secondary options, but

  • has expressed a desire to quit school.
  • is an academic underachiever.
  • has emotional and/or social maladjustment.
  • fails to follow through on assignments.
  • demonstrates truant and/or other attendance problems.
  • exhibits disruptive behavior that continues over time.


  • A non – block schedule
  • Bus transportation
  • Breakfast/Lunch through BEHS Cafeteria Services
  • Service Learning and/or Work Experience
  • Four full time staff – team approach
  • Health Aide
  • Permanent Sub
  • Guidance Counselor available


  • School of Choice
  • Probationary Contract Period for all students
  • Attendance incentives and accountability
  • Emphasis on learning by doing
  • Cooperative learning
  • Provide a real world experience
  • Second chance opportunity
  • Smaller class size
  • Individualized attention
  • Proactive NOT reactive
  • Credit Recovery – online program
  • Interdisciplinary projects
  • Use of “Capturing Kid’s Hearts Model”


  • Students can read actively and critically to comprehend information of increasingly complex texts, from a variety of sources.
  • Students can demonstrate effective written, spoken and mathematical communication for a range of purposes and audiences.
  • Students can engage in appropriate collaborative and independent inquiry to question, investigate/research a topic, gather and present information.
  • Students can apply concepts allowing them to frame, analyze, and solve a range of increasingly complex problems involving real world scenarios.
  • Students can construct clear and concise arguments to support their reasoning and will appropriately critique the reasoning of others.


  • Students can use interpersonal and collaborative skills required to keep harmony in a diverse community.
  • Students can demonstrate an understanding of changing global issues and their worldwide impact.
  • Students can participate in the democratic process due to their understanding of the process and by staying informed.
  • Students can apply safe and healthy lifestyle choices that ensure physical, mental and emotional well being of self and the community.


In addition to the rules and regulations that have been established by the Bristol Board of Education, the staff expects the following from all students:
  • Understand the importance of education.
  • Arrive to school on time daily.
  • Respect adults and fellow students.
  • Come to school prepared.
  • Respect school property.
  • Do all assigned class work on time.
  • Seek help and don’t fall behind on your work.
  • Become involved in the activities of the school.


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Quick Links

Honor Roll

Q3 Honor Roll

High Honors
Owen Gauvin, Lizzie Nuccio

Devon Carpenter, Justice Cournoyer,
Nick Dumond, Mike Valerio-Smith, Haley Vadella, Chase Wescott, Brandon Shamper, Emily Shepard, Matt Tetro.

Honorable Mention
Michael Faulds, Shamar Anderson, Mekhi Johnson, Damion LaFountain, Tyler Beale, Angelyca Brevetti, Shay Reid Jared Violette.

Weather Alerts

In the event of any delays, early dismissals, or cancellations due to winter weather, announcements
will be available on all local radio and television stations. All delays will be 2 hours, and early dismissals will be at noon after lunch. Any cancellations will be added to the school calendar beginning on June 8 and moving forward.

Contacting The School

There are several ways to contact the school. The main phone number is (860) 584-7709. It is not possible to access the phone for every incoming call, but you may leave a message on the answering machine. Our mailing address is 210 Red Stone Hill Rd. If you have computer access, you may log into the Powerschool parent portal of contact each teacher directly via email at the following addresses:


One major area of focus this year will be attendance. The specific policy is available online and copies were sent home at the beginning of the school year.. Once a student has reached an absence total of 10 days, they will possibly be removed from the program and will enroll back at their original high school. The 10 total includes both excused and unexcused absences. In addition, 5 tardies will equal one absence.

If you son/daughter is going to be absent from school, a call must be received for the absence to be considered excused. You may also send a note into school explaining the reason for the absence. There are a few students with excessive absences that never get called out, so your cooperation in this matter will be appreciated.

Student Evaluation

Students will receive four academic report cards and four mid-quarter progress reports during the school year. If you do not receive any of these, please contact us and we will download a copy from Powerschool.

Youth Services

We are pleased to announce that Bristol Youth Services will again be facilitating a Young Men's and Young Women's group. Both groups will meet every Wednesday from 9:30-10:30 starting the first week in December. The program is open to all students, permission slips are required, an interview will be held before acceptance, and seating is limited.

The main focus of these groups is to provide students with an opportunity to discuss major issues that face our youth today. In addition, guest speakers are brought in, community service projects are completed, and numerous field trip opportunities are provided.


All students attending Bristol Prep must meet the same academic requirements as directed by the Board of Education. 25.25 credits are needed to successfully complete the course of studies. All students are enrolled in the four core classes and also choose an elective class each semester. The core curriculum is the same for all high schools in Bristol. In addition, each student must successfully pass the writing and math assessments. All standardized testing, CAPT and SAT are also required. Additional credits may be earned through community service, work experience, and the Edgenuity online program.

BPA Grants

Bristol Prep was awarded two grants to support our arts and physical education program. $2,000 was awarded from Lowe's Home Improvement Toolbox for building revitalization and $1,500 from Main Street Community Foundation to upgrade our physical education program. Thanks to Lindsey Kleidman who completed all the necessary documentation to initiate the process. Students have already begun the process by painting the entry way. Mural work will begin shortly.