Preschool Programs


Bristol Public Schools provides a language rich learning experience in which all children, regardless of ability, learn and interact together in an educational setting.

We focus on skills to prepare children for Kindergarten.

The curriculum is child-centered. The daily routine consists of circle time, small group activities, center time, large and small motor activities and a nutritious snack.

A transdisciplinary model is utilized with early childhood educators, special education teachers, teaching assistants, and related services staff.

The preschool programs meet for half day sessions either mornings or afternoons.
Children are selected following a screening process.

Children who are Kindergarten age eligible - turn 5 on or before January 1 -are not eligible for the Preschool Programs.

You must be a resident of Bristol and provide proof of residency.

We have a limited number of slots available and need to know that when a student enrolls, the parent makes a commitment to having their child attend every day unless they are ill. Students who are repeatedly truant will be asked to leave the program. At that time, a child on the wait-list will be added to the class.