January 2017

Dear Parents:

It will soon be time to register your child for Kindergarten with the Bristol Public Schools.

In order to enter Kindergarten, your child must be five years old on or before January 1, 2018.

Bristol Public schools has opened Central Registration at 129 Church Street, Bristol, CT 06010. Please contact Isabel Brady at 860-584-7033 or Jessica Cervantes at 860-584-7075 for information on kindergarten registration.

Please help prepare your child to be “school ready”! WE need your support! Look below and you will see some suggestions:

  • Read to your child EVERY day- for at least 20 minutes – make it fun and interesting!
  • Visit our local library- they have numerous events for you!
  • Ask your child open ended questions beginning with words such as “who, what, where, when… you want them to reply with more than “yes” or “no “answers!
  • Have your child read Environmental Print: road signs, store names, cereal boxes…
  • Have them pretend to play school; let them take the role as both teacher and student!
  • Encourage play dates- so they can learn to get along with other children and learn to wait and share!
  • Attend your Elementary School’s Parent Night- for new parents of Kindergarten Children!

You will be receiving a transition folder from the Bristol Public Schools which has information to assist you in the transition to Kindergarten. Please use the information in the folder to help you navigate the process of transitioning to Kindergarten. Take the time to start working on specific skills your child will need to help make their Kindergarten year successful.

The US Department of Education, Office of Early Learning has posted a new Public Service Announcement to Encourage Families to READ with their Children.

Please watch and share widely!

For more information on any of our services, please contact:

Kristen Peck, Supervisor of Early Childhood, Bristol Public Schools

860 584-3335

Preschool tuition fee scale can be found here. Bristol Public Schools Preschool is part day/part year. Pages 13 and 14 of the document.


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